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My mother bought land in Delaware County, NY when I was born and for a certain period of my childhood she, her partner and I would make the trip by car most weekends out of the year.

I was perhaps six during one particularly cold winter night when my mother hit a deer while I was sleeping in the back seat. And yet, I’ve always had a clear picture in my mind of the deer dashing across the road in our headlights. As though I’d been looking through the windshield myself.

This image is even clearer in my mind than the moment when, nearly two decades later, it was I who struck a deer while making that very same drive, at night, as an adult.

Curatorial statement

This is one in a series of dioramas depicting mis-rememberings that have been reconstructed – or perhaps mis-constructed – by individuals from their own false memories.

Artists were challenged to create a diorama which portrays two unique perspectives, visual as well as interpretive.

Making of

Front perspective

Rear perspective