Final Project: Revised

3 minute read

I playtesting my tangible interface for non-linear narrative concept earlier this week and it was a miserable failure.

ICM Week 8: Oh, the feedback

1 minute read

For this week’s assignment I wanted to try and use an example from the Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with p5.js course on Kadenze as a poin...

ICM Week 6: My Sixth P5.js Sketch

2 minute read

For this week’s assignment I attempted to deface the About page of my dear friend Jonah’s business. Jonah makes sausage and I just think that’s hysterical.

ICM Week 2: My Second P5js Sketch

2 minute read

The specifics of the code aside, I feel like I’m beginning to think about how best to break down intention into smaller chunks of code that can be tested inc...