Fab » Week 1: Flashlight

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I suppose my inspiration came from a general appreciation for industrial design and a lifelong feeling that injection molded plastic objects with interesting shapes that fit together well cry out to be used in some context other than their original intended purpose.

In this particular case, I’ve always loved the mechanical simplicity of the worm drive used in deodorant sticks.


Images of Raw Materials

Mid-process Images

List of Tools Used

  • drill press and 1/2” bit
  • square nose pliers
  • wire stripper
  • rat tail files, large and small
  • soldering iron
  • utility knife
  • hot glue gun

Final Image(s) of the Work


I find working in small scale thoroughly enjoyable and this project definitely scratched that itch.

Once the piece was finished Morgan asked whether the knob on the bottom was driving a potentiometer and I immediately regretted not having thought of that idea myself. That would have been nifty.