Thesis » Update: Week 3

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More office hours w/ faculty:

Mimi in particular continues to ask difficult questions about narrative structure and in what way it’s related to / navigable by tangible interface. Her questions are surgical in their precision.

Tom and Mimi both seemed to think a turntable as a shared interface is a promising route.

Tom even went so far as to suggest a turntable is elegant in its simplicity of interaction but I’m not sure it’s enough. I think each user may need their own secondary controller. A kind of ‘multiplier’ for lack of a better word, a way to modify speed and direction through the loop.

My mother cut film for many years. As a toddler I entertained myself stacking yellow 35mm film cores on the cutting room floor while she worked on a Steenbeck flatbed.

Steenbecks have a lovely interface for changing the speed and the direction film travels through the transport. I’ve seen it variously referred to as a ‘speed switcher’, a ‘paddle switch’, and a ‘hand controller’. This may be the route I end up taking.