ICM & Physcomp » Final: Revised

3 minute read

I playtesting my tangible interface for non-linear narrative concept earlier this week and it was a miserable failure.

PhysComp » Week 4: Servo w/ Disk Gauge

3 minute read

First things first: the code for this week’s build borrows heavily from the Love-O-Meter project in the Arduino Projects Book and Project 7: Control a servo ...

PhysComp » Week 3: Observation

3 minute read

For my observation I choose a wall-mounted digital photo booth designed and (presumably?) manufactured by a company called Smilebooth.

PhysComp » Week 2: Spaldeen Switch

1 minute read

Full disclosure: this assignment may have been a bit of a cheat (?) in that it makes use of a switch cannibalized from a project I made during ITP Camp 2018.

PhysComp » Week 1: Favorite tool

less than 1 minute read

I’m not sure if it’s my favorite (I’d need to give that a good think) but the tool I discovered most recently with a direct impact on quality of work-life is...